Let Ran'D Shine Set Your Next Corporate Event Apart!


Magic is one of the oldest and most captivating and intriguing performance art forms. The skills required to perform “magic” are both physical and mental and have direct application in the work place. Just attending a magical performance can promote creative thinking with the viewer and instill openness to new possibilities!


Many companies today are using creative ways to reach their employees. Incorporating magic into your corporate event will help your team have fun, learn new skills and come together as a team. Either as a team energizer; to kick off a brainstorming session; or to help open minds in preparation for a training session - Ran’D Shine can fulfill your corporate events needs with one or all of the following:

Magic Workshop: Interactive experiences that use magic as metaphor for parallels in work life. It is designed to give participants a new perspective, demonstrates how to be “in the moment” when interacting with others, encourages active listening and helps builds trust. Magic workshops are great for team building and training events.


Magic Performance:

Platform Magic is an on stage performance and is great for sales meetings, team meetings, corporate banquets, training sessions and award events.  It features story telling, comedy and participation from the audience. Think of it as the perfect icebreaker to help kick start your evening’s theme!

Strolling Magic is entertainment that moves in, around and throughout your event, As Ran’D mingle and delights your guests, his close-up and interactive magic becomes a great conversation starter for your team members. This is a great way to make your event memorable!

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